Aug 18

Golden Age Village glass coaster workshop:

diy glass coasters

14 August 2014


Golden Age Village glass coaster workshop:


We are excited about Sign Therapy’s first application activity. The elderly at Golden Age Village will be taught how to use an ordinary sign product such as vinyl and transform a little throw away piece of glass into a beautiful coaster.


Sign Therapy’s vision is to regularly visit old age homes and entertain the residents with hours of signage fun. The sign industry, in essence, makes use of stickers to transform blank canvasses into mighty tools of communication.

This method of transferring objects from one substrate to another is wonderful for the enhancement of hand eye co-ordination whilst in a complete state of relaxation.


Just what our elderly need. More rest and more fun.


If you would like to participate, please give me a ring on 072 282 7831.


Tienke Bosher