Jul 17

Terapeutiese Werkswinkel

Die huis vir gestremdes Lat’Wiel in Pretoria rus snoesig in die voorstedelike woongebied Parktown Estate. Kitsteken 2000 se gemeenskaps uitreiking geloots deur Sign Therapy en het besoek afgelê by Lat Wiel vir die heel eerste keer.  Eenvoudige prosesse wat gebruik word om reklame tekens te vervaardig word ingespan om fenominale verbruikers produkte te vervaardig. Byvoorbeeld, hand oog koordinasie word bevorder wanneer plakkers van een medium na ‘n ander verskuif word. Beskermings plastiek moet verwyder word om ‘n skoon oppervlakte ten toon te stel en hand spiere word automaties geoefen. Een medium word aangewend om ‘n ander medium te plak.

Die inwoners het hard gewerk en ons moes somtyds hand bysit maar teen die einde van die klas was almal tevrede en het twee pragtige coasters gemaak.

Elmari het aan die einde spontaan gesê dat sy verstaan nou hoekom ons werkswinkels Sign Therapy genoem word. Die klas was werklik terapeuties vir haar. Met uitsettings vermoë maak krom handjies mooi. Julle is pragtig en dit was ‘n voorreg om julle te kon bedien. Dankie Nicolette dat jy jou deure vir ons oopgemaak het.

‘n Spesiale dankie aan die kunstenaar Pierre Nel dat jy ingestem het dat ons jou katjie skildery kon gebruik as een van die prentjies op ons coasters.

Oct 11

RFK winter camp signage crafts sponsored by Kitstekens 2000

Mr Riaan Alkema stands at the head of Kitstekens 2000 and he is a chip of the old block.

He is an activist for the meek and downtrodden, particularly children. When he joined Kitstekens,

Riaan immediately warmed up to www.signtherapy.co.za, the community project with its roots

in Krugersdorp. Sign Therapy uses sign manufacturing activities such as measuring, applicating, puzzle

building and stacking by using vinyl (or stickers) with transferring agents. Decorating t-shirts with heat

transfers and jewels. These activities possess therapeutic properties and enhance hand-eye coordination.

It is, therefore, no wonder Riaan allowed me to take 5 days off from my busy schedule at work to join 43

neglected, molested and abused children together with other police cleared staff and councilors from

Krugersdorp, Pretoria, Ladysmith, and America. He armed me with an arsenal of signage products such as

fridge magnets, glass coasters, printed canvas (to make bags), personalized postcards, flower stickers,

key holders etc.

The best activity flowed from his own creative hand wherein he designed a stacking exercise with

the fruit of the spirit theme. Riaan is a structural Engineer and combined with his creativity cements

him as a powerhouse in the Sign Industry. Riaan is a third generation sign manufacturer and recognizes

many advantages for children by being exposed to signage workshops.

Sign manufacturing activities strengthen neural pathways due to its meditative repetitive de-stressing

activities. It takes a few simple easy steps to manufacture signs and children experience immediate

gratification because we show them how to make products that are sold on the open market.

Kitstekens wants children to understand how easily financial freedom can be obtained and to never

give up on themselves no matter their circumstance. It is Riaan’s firm believe that artist should be

encouraged from a young age to follow their full potential of being creative because the Sign industry

offers real career opportunities for artistic people.

We extend our invitation to pre-school facilities to apply to tienke@kitstekens.co.za for
free workshops to be held at their premises. Limited spots available.

Sep 19

Twee weke en 1 500 drupmatjies

Sign Therapy het vir die inwoners van Cradle of Hope ‘n paar goed geleer wat hulle tot hul voordeel kan gebruik.

Nadat Sign Therapy vir Cradle of Hope-inwoners die geleentheid gegee het om kunsklasse by te woon, het die meisies dit ‘n bietjie verder geneem.

Melodie van Brakel het Regent Insurance gebel, en aanbeveel dat die maatskappy drupmatjies (coasters) vir hul korporatiewe geskenke gebruik. “The Cradle of Hope” en Sign Therapy het reeds aan die Vodacom Change the World-kompetisie deelgeneem maar het helaas nie ‘n plek verwerf nie. Dit het ons egter nie afgeskrik nie en toe Melodie my bel om die drupmatjies as korporatiewe geskenke vir Regent se Lentedag aan te beveel, was ek baie opgewonde,” het Ash Singh van Regent Insurance vertel.

Binne twee weke het Cradle of Hope-inwoners 1 500 drupmatjies geplak en gepak.

The Cradle of Hope wil hierdie geleentheid gebruik om Ash Singh van Regent Insurance te bedank vir die geleentheid wat hulle vir hulle gebied het om te bewys wat hulle kan vermag.

Vir meer inligting, skakel gerus vir Tienke Bosher by 011 953 4075 of Melodie van Brakel by 011 660 4623.


Mar 14

Royal Family Kids – It Takes a Village

It takes a village to raise a child but the nano building blocks of a community is the family unit. For neglected, molested and abused children the village and sea of faces and places might be all they know but the tender care of a family unit is unknown to them. Jackson’s Ridge Royal Family Kids, with their roots in America, has penetrated the hearts of social workers in South Africa to help change the perceptions of these shadow children.


Nestled outside Magalies a five day camp was waiting for 36 hand selected children out of Krugersdorp. A huge luxury bus from Pro Tours collected the children on 13 July and the 53 strong police cleared, trained volunteers, cheered the kids unto the camping grounds.


Some of the volunteers were from America, some living on the property and others are from Mogale. They were all there with one goal. They wanted to plant seeds of joy, peace and love in the heart of these children.

Royal Family Kids creates the family unit by having in place grandparents, parents, councilors, kitchen staff (very important for hungry tummies) the postman, art and crafts and outdoor activities specialists.

These children get a peek into what the family structure can be and should be like. The ultimate goal is for these kids to model their lives after this example when they start their own family one day.

Every morning kicked off with glorious breakfast followed by the sound of adoration and worship to our Creator God. The rest of the day was spent encouraging and nursing the children with kindness in a variety of activities and live entertainment. Came nightfall, with their tummies bursting, the last thing they did was again to sing the praises of God almighty.


We would like to thank all the sponsors and donators and the volunteering staff for making this week possible.

FNB, Pro Tours, Brian’s Supermarket, Macroots, Jackson’s Ridge Children ministry training center, Crazy Crafts, Just Letting, Bethany House, Tommy Martin, Spirit Life Church, Real Life Church, Red Ribbon Events, Chas Everett, Lego, Betterlife, Ooba, Bavin inc., WD Saayman, Van Deventer & Thoabala, CEF Attorneys, Snymans Inc.,CAP Finance, Firtz Realtor, Mouton & Williams Attorneys, Remax Masters, SABAC, Bert Smith Attorneys,

Sign Therapy.

If you are interested in making a contribution please contact Richard de Winnaar on 082 975 6196 or info@rfkcmogale.co.za / wwwrfkcmaogale.co.za


Jun 08

Tammy makes coasters after stroke.

I met a wonderful woman at Môreglans this morning. Only when you start talking to her do you discover her quiet intelligence and deep love for God. Tammy has been a school teacher and at sixty she still have lots to give to society. Her recovery has been nothing short of miraculous and she gives all the glory to God, says Tammy.

Since we were not too many at the workshop, we decided to make a set of four coasters. When that was completed, we tackled four more. Even though Tammy could not do all the functions, the hope is with regular exercise, her moto neuron abilities will kick in and she may perform greater tasks with her left arm.

Tammy is a role model and inspiration to me.

It was a pleasure having been with you all once again.



Tienke & Helen

Feb 24

Go Green with wall art


The Sign Industry is responsible for huge amounts of waste material that cannot be recycled.

Vinyl has a limited shelve live. In place of throwing the vinyl stocks away, it can still be used for indoor wall art.

Applied directly to wall surfaces it creates exiting messages sought after by teenagers which can be easily removed.


Ask your sign company about this.




a mural

Jan 20

A surprize rocks the Coaster Workshop at Robert Palk Centre

This workshop brought with it a lovely surprise. Instead of the elderly just receiving their usual DIY Coaster workshop, they also learned about Unique Skin, a natural skin remedy which was developed by Phillip Perch. Phillip is a young family man with bright eyes and deep creasing dimples when he smiles.


Phillip took his captive audience to the exact spot where his will gave birth to this miracle ointment and then up to a place where he had everybody in stitches with his honest sense of humor. The question and answer session was a breeze as it was evident Phillip knows his product.

With great love he handed out a bottle of Unique Skin to each senior citizen in attendance. In light of this free gift, Sign Therapy based their workshop task by duplicating the participant’s exposure to the name of his product.

We duplicated the normal colour input and each layer had to be applied in a certain order and placed in puzzle format to make up the completed artwork.


This workshop was fun & informative and we would like to extend a big thank you to Ria van Rensburg who gave us this opportunity to be of service to the elderly.

Sign Therapy’s long term goal is to run workshops from 09h00 – 11h00 every second Thursday of the month at the Robert Palk boardroom. Please register with Ria if you would like to attend our next workshop. There might just be another surprise!


We would like to thank our sponsors –Maizey Plastics, Industrial Pressings, La Reynette Centre and Unique Skin from Health Today for their donation to our senior citizens.




Tienke & Helen

Jan 14

Coaster Article KDP NEWS


http://krugersdorpnews.co.za/250158/perfecting-the-art-of-coaster-making/Coaster Article KDP NEWS

Jan 14

KDP news Coaster project


http://krugersdorpnews.co.za/246856/terapie-en-koffie-n-wenkombinasie/KDP news Coaster project

Jan 14