Mar 14

Royal Family Kids – It Takes a Village

It takes a village to raise a child but the nano building blocks of a community is the family unit. For neglected, molested and abused children the village and sea of faces and places might be all they know but the tender care of a family unit is unknown to them. Jackson’s Ridge Royal Family Kids, with their roots in America, has penetrated the hearts of social workers in South Africa to help change the perceptions of these shadow children.


Nestled outside Magalies a five day camp was waiting for 36 hand selected children out of Krugersdorp. A huge luxury bus from Pro Tours collected the children on 13 July and the 53 strong police cleared, trained volunteers, cheered the kids unto the camping grounds.


Some of the volunteers were from America, some living on the property and others are from Mogale. They were all there with one goal. They wanted to plant seeds of joy, peace and love in the heart of these children.

Royal Family Kids creates the family unit by having in place grandparents, parents, councilors, kitchen staff (very important for hungry tummies) the postman, art and crafts and outdoor activities specialists.

These children get a peek into what the family structure can be and should be like. The ultimate goal is for these kids to model their lives after this example when they start their own family one day.

Every morning kicked off with glorious breakfast followed by the sound of adoration and worship to our Creator God. The rest of the day was spent encouraging and nursing the children with kindness in a variety of activities and live entertainment. Came nightfall, with their tummies bursting, the last thing they did was again to sing the praises of God almighty.


We would like to thank all the sponsors and donators and the volunteering staff for making this week possible.

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