Oct 11

RFK winter camp signage crafts sponsored by Kitstekens 2000

Mr Riaan Alkema stands at the head of Kitstekens 2000 and he is a chip of the old block.

He is an activist for the meek and downtrodden, particularly children. When he joined Kitstekens,

Riaan immediately warmed up to www.signtherapy.co.za, the community project with its roots

in Krugersdorp. Sign Therapy uses sign manufacturing activities such as measuring, applicating, puzzle

building and stacking by using vinyl (or stickers) with transferring agents. Decorating t-shirts with heat

transfers and jewels. These activities possess therapeutic properties and enhance hand-eye coordination.

It is, therefore, no wonder Riaan allowed me to take 5 days off from my busy schedule at work to join 43

neglected, molested and abused children together with other police cleared staff and councilors from

Krugersdorp, Pretoria, Ladysmith, and America. He armed me with an arsenal of signage products such as

fridge magnets, glass coasters, printed canvas (to make bags), personalized postcards, flower stickers,

key holders etc.

The best activity flowed from his own creative hand wherein he designed a stacking exercise with

the fruit of the spirit theme. Riaan is a structural Engineer and combined with his creativity cements

him as a powerhouse in the Sign Industry. Riaan is a third generation sign manufacturer and recognizes

many advantages for children by being exposed to signage workshops.

Sign manufacturing activities strengthen neural pathways due to its meditative repetitive de-stressing

activities. It takes a few simple easy steps to manufacture signs and children experience immediate

gratification because we show them how to make products that are sold on the open market.

Kitstekens wants children to understand how easily financial freedom can be obtained and to never

give up on themselves no matter their circumstance. It is Riaan’s firm believe that artist should be

encouraged from a young age to follow their full potential of being creative because the Sign industry

offers real career opportunities for artistic people.

We extend our invitation to pre-school facilities to apply to tienke@kitstekens.co.za for
free workshops to be held at their premises. Limited spots available.