Jan 20

A surprize rocks the Coaster Workshop at Robert Palk Centre

This workshop brought with it a lovely surprise. Instead of the elderly just receiving their usual DIY Coaster workshop, they also learned about Unique Skin, a natural skin remedy which was developed by Phillip Perch. Phillip is a young family man with bright eyes and deep creasing dimples when he smiles.


Phillip took his captive audience to the exact spot where his will gave birth to this miracle ointment and then up to a place where he had everybody in stitches with his honest sense of humor. The question and answer session was a breeze as it was evident Phillip knows his product.

With great love he handed out a bottle of Unique Skin to each senior citizen in attendance. In light of this free gift, Sign Therapy based their workshop task by duplicating the participant’s exposure to the name of his product.

We duplicated the normal colour input and each layer had to be applied in a certain order and placed in puzzle format to make up the completed artwork.


This workshop was fun & informative and we would like to extend a big thank you to Ria van Rensburg who gave us this opportunity to be of service to the elderly.

Sign Therapy’s long term goal is to run workshops from 09h00 – 11h00 every second Thursday of the month at the Robert Palk boardroom. Please register with Ria if you would like to attend our next workshop. There might just be another surprise!


We would like to thank our sponsors –Maizey Plastics, Industrial Pressings, La Reynette Centre and Unique Skin from Health Today for their donation to our senior citizens.




Tienke & Helen