Jul 28

Well done Hospice West

“Be awake and strengthen those left over, whom are at the point of dying,” tt was with this scripture at mind I called Hospice.

I figured when it comes to dying, speaking to them would be the smart thing to do. I was informed of a course on communication, counselling and life skills starting in February this year.

La Reynette Centre’s management agreed to subsidize the course and allowed me to attend every Monday between 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Never having seen a corpse, I strengthened my senses when walking into the Hospice room where most students already picked their seats. I sat myself down on the last seat, closest to the door.

Good thing, I thought. At least I can make a quick escape when things get too strange.

It has been three months since that day and my life has decidedly changed. I thought I would find the dead but Hospice is all about the living. This course have the most intriguing truths locked up in its presentation and pulls one out of old habits and catapults the being to higher understanding. Understanding being the virtue of faith.

Hospice tutor, Barbara Crawford, is absolutely fabulous. Her warmth draws the emotion of the person from darkness to the light. Tisa elevated the mood with informed practical advice and hilarious comic relief.

I met the most amazing people in Helga, Yolanda, Ellen, Eve, Nomsa, Barry, Graham, Shirley, Jane, Elsie, and most refreshingly Thabiso. All of you made this journey just so much more colorful. I thank you all.

On our final day we were all required to bring something special with. I brought a poem that told of the passing of my mother last year. When it was my turn to speak, I found myself standing in front of the class, talking about the last day of my mother’s life. I felt comfortable and warm, yet I doubt that anybody remembered that I told the class right in the beginning that public speaking was my Archile’s heel.

Well done Hospice West Gauteng, you are a truly remarkable people.