Jul 22

Branding is Fun


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Why is branding a vehicle fun?

Using a vehicle as a message carrier is a powerful marketing and advertising tool. Vehicles are 3D objects. In outdoor marketing language you are in possession of a supa-pack advertising unit worth thousands of Rands per month.

Is it not expensive to brand a vehicle?

Fun Part Number 1: By using your vehicle as an advertising tool you save at least R 7000.00 per month.

Being displayed on a 3D object your business comes alive.

Branding and packaging is all important to obtain the visibility your business / organization deserves.

How bold should my advertising be?

Fun Part Number 2: Full colour imagery impacts magically on a large audience on a daily basis. Your opposition is envious and your business exudes success and competency.

How does branding impact on safety and security issues?

Fun Part Number 3: Instill confidence in your target market. Delivery / repair / installations vehicles are super cool when your company is immediately recognized by your customer / client. This reinforce peace of mind.

 How can branding a vehicle possibly have any outdoor advertising merits?

 Fun Part Number 4: Your company receives all the outdoor marketing advantages that any other third party advertising units such as Pole Ads, Billboards and Suburban Signs can offer.

  • Your competitors advertising is not adjacent to your ad and therefore cannot dilute the importance of your message
  • An average vehicle is ‘in your face’ visible for at least 12 hours on the roads without being ‘paged’ past as is in the case of newspapers and magazines
  • Some arterial roads carry up to 25 000 vehicles per day, making an impact on at least 25 000 possible clients daily
  • Your vehicle will be seen repeatedly. The brain therefore reacts by remembering your product or company by keeping it ‘Top of Mind’
  • Your marketing expenditure on your vehicle is tax deductible
  • Your advert does not cost your customer / client anything to see it. Other marketing tools require that your customer must purchase the message carrier such as newspapers and magazines
  • You marketing savings tallies to a minimum of R7000.00 per vehicle per month with a gains marketing exposure worth R 588 000.00 over a seven year period.

How much will every OTS (opportunity to see or impact) cost me per person?

Fun part number 5: Expenditure dilution – 25 000 onlookers daily (arterial road) = 750 000 impacts per month.

750 000 x 12 months x 7 years = 5, 250 000 divided by capital expenditure of

R13 000.00 for branding = .0024 cent per impact. Making branding your vehicle the most powerful third party advertising tool in your business.

Is vehicle branding not costly to replace in case of an accident?

Fun part number 6: Your branding can be insured. Make sure your insurance company understands your business requirements and negotiate the importance of branding your vehicles from the get go.

Is it not very expensive to brand a vehicle properly?

Fun part number 7: Marketing your business on third party units will stretch your artwork expenditure over three to twelve months, depending on your budget.

Branding your vehicles will stretch the capital investment you made over a period no less than seven years.

Won’t the same artwork on a vehicle become wall paper after seven years?

Fun part number 8: Advertising the logo of your company is all important to insure market share and reliability. It can never be wall paper as it represents the heartbeat and signature of who you are.

However, when a vehicle was in an accident, use the insurance money to change the advert or message if needed.

Design from the start with the option of adding and subtracting. Balance short and long term elements of your company such as front runner products versus promotions and specials.

This will afford you the flexibility to spend less by branding half cover at first and add-ons at a later stage when the right budget or new products comes into play.

How much will it cost me to brand my vehicle?

Fun part number 9: Based on the size of a Renault Senic –

Full colour artwork, half wrap   R  4 900.00

Full colour artwork, full wrap    R 13 000.00

Spot branding from as little as R      450.00 per square meter excl. application

Material – 7 year cast vinyl with UV laminate

-Artwork origination from as little as R 250.00 per design to R 2 500.00

Logo design R 350.00 per design.

How can I afford branding my vehicles in this economic environment?

Fun part number 10: Depending on your relationship with your bank, your vehicle branding project can be financed.

Being a delivery or logistics company, clearly marking your vehicles as a trusted delivery agent is a pre-requisite to be allowed on the property where goods are delivered. E.g. Pick ‘n Pay do not allow unmarked on their terrain due to security issues.

Important details such as these increase your chances of getting financing to brand your fleet.

Branding your vehicle the fun way will lift your visibility in the market place and amplify your voice loud and clear in places where you can not be.